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Chicago Blog Blogs About Food!

Chicago’s known for great food! For us here in Chicago, food is an experience and here in Chicago you can have a lot of experiences. We have some of the greatest high end/ 4-5 star restaurants here in Chicago. But that’s not people coming to Chicago on the most part come for.

Chicago Catering

They come for the good stuff…. Pizza, Italian Beef, and the biggest culinary delight hot dogs! Yes hot dogs with as bright green relish as you can get. A few years back there was a public television show about the history of the hot dog and the famous eateries that have become internationally known for specializing in this food fare. It’s a fantastic show if you ever get a chance to watch it. The show spent a lot of time here in Chicago as the choices are endless. But without question in Chicago this place shall we say takes the cake!

Superdawg Drive-In
6363 N Milwaukee Ave , Chicago , IL , 60646-3726

This place is an actual drive in with the car hops and the the building is very retro and you are definitely brought back in time when you pull up here in your car. The taste is unbelievable and the crinkle fries are to die for. But don’t worry about spilling in your car your whole meal is served in a great tight little box that holds your dog and your fries. Here’s a small snapshot of the restaurant.

I could spend all day listing all the Hot Dog stands in Chicago but I won’t Superdawg represents Chicago well enough on its own so I’ll stop here. The next best thing is Italian Beef. Now here you will get more of an argument about who’s got the best here in Chicago. It’s not as clear cut as Superdawg. But for my taste buds its Buona Beef all the way. I wouldn’t steer you wrong folks! I guarantee that after having one within 24 hours you will want another one. I don’t know what kind of drugs are in it but I want can’t get enough!

Buona Beef stores are all over Chicago, downtown there is one on Superior St just East of Michigan Ave. But you can also go to there web site and find whats convenient for you.

Bigger than Hot Dogs or Italian Beef here in Chicago is Pizza! I think if there was a pizza war here in this country it would be between New York and Chicago. But I’ve been to New York and they’ve got nothing on us in Chicago. We put them to shame. The difficulty here though is you have a serious choice to make. Thin or thick crust! It’s a big debate here but either way you choose I think you will be happy. Most Chicagoans go both ways. Now it gets even harder now to choose which one. I really can’t choose and I’ve been here in Chicago all my life! Most of the tourists go to…
Uno Chicago Grill – Original Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, Flatbreads…

Welcome to Uno Chicago Grill ( Uno’s legendary Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza is just the beginning! Pizzeria Uno began in 1943 when Ike Sewell .

Giordano’s, Chicagos World Famous Stuffed Pizza
Opened in 1974, Chicago-based Chain has expanded to over 40 restaurants in the area. Description, menu, and location information included.

Most of the time I’m a thin crust kind of guy but these two restaurants would make me very happy at any meal.

Oh one more thing, if when you come to our hotel ask the front desk, they will give you directions to any of these places or may even suggest a few others that you won’t go wrong on. But, if you want something extra special ask them where the greatest pancake restaurant is, this place I will bet my fat stomach on blows everything else away!

Happy Eating when you come to Chicago.