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Chicago A Town With A Big Heart

The University of Chicago Hospital is well known world wide as a pioneer in medical treatments and medical trials for new procedures. People come from all over the world to seek treatment here from some of the best doctors in the world in their respective fields. The Chicago Lake Shore Hotel is the only hotel located near the University and the Hospital. Because of that many people come to stay with us while a family member goes for their treatment. We get to meet these wonderful individuals who let us into their lives at a time when their most sensitive. When their full of hope and when their very reflective of their life and the world around them.

Sometimes there here for a day sometimes there here for more than a week. Sometimes they come back a few months later sometimes a year later to the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel. Just as they let us into there hearts they come into ours. Our staff gets to know them and their family very well. We get to know what our guests like and don’t like. We know what rooms they want to stay in that will make them the most comfortable. We know what restaurants in Chicago will cater to there needs.

The fact is its not just our employees that open there hearts but Chicagons as a whole are very friendly people and they wear there hearts on their sleeve. Chicago is the town of “Big Shoulders” for a reason as Mark Twain said. I think to go along with that big shoulders we also have a big heart!

Come feel the love here in Chicago!