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Chicago Beaches

While it’s still technically Spring in the North Eastern United States, it seems no-one has bothered to tell Mother Nature this tidbit of information.  While the Months of April, May, and June tend to be wet and humid with low average temperatures, this year, it seems Summer has befallen the Great Lakes region of the United States much sooner than expected.  For Chicago area residents, and visitors to the Windy City, this is great news.

Though it is true that the city of Chicago is alive and bustling with delights and excitement all year long, the summer months are poised for greatness as this is when our beautiful city really comes into her own.  Thanks to Chicago’s beautiful lakefront shoreline spanning miles of Lake Michigan, Chicago is home to some of the finest beaches in the Northern United States that will have visitors wishing they could stay and enjoy Chicago’s beautiful beaches just a little bit longer.  With the month of May upon us, Chicago area beaches are open and ready for visitors to the Chicago area to enjoy.

Oak Street Beach

The most popular of Chicago’s beaches is Oak Street Beach.  Located along Lake Shore Drive, Oak Street Beach is the perfect place for Chicago area visitors to come and unwind.  After a day of site seeing in Chicago’s bustling downtown core, Oak Street Beach is just a short walk away and a great destination for those ready to be blown away by beautiful sandy beaches and the majesty of lake Michigan.

In addition to being conveniently located near the city’s downtown core, Oak Street beach is the largest of Chicago’s beaches and affords visitors the most space to lay out and sun bath, or build sand castles in the sand with their children.  There is also a bistro conveniently located right on the beach for visitors to take advantage of should they need some delicious beach treats of some thirst quenching beverages.

North Avenue Beach

A great family destination, North Avenue Beach is located in Lincoln Park and is home to Chicago’s most popular beach house which features more than 22,000 square feet of space on a permanently docked ocean liner-inspired building.  From the ocean liner like beach house, guests of North Avenue Beach can enjoy the most beautiful view available of Chicago’s skyline.

In addition to the the beach house and the beautiful view of Chicago from it’s upper deck, the North Avenue Beach is home to Castaways Bar and Grill.  The Castaway Bar and Grill is a walk-up stand serving the best is beach treats including ice cream, burgers, and gourmet sandwiches.  Guests to North Avenue Beach can also rent bikes from Lakeshore Bike’n Tune and enjoy a leisurely bike ride along the lakefront bike paths.  North Avenue beach also offers beach goers the chance to enjoy the waters for Lake Michigan by renting a Kayak from Kayak Chicago, or a wake board or paddle board from the Great Lakes Board Company.

North Avenue Beach really does have something for everyone.

Fullerton Beach

For a decidedly more stripped down and raw version of North Avenue Beach, Fullerton Beach is short in amenities yet rich in tranquility and charm.  Located close to the Lincoln Park Zoo, Fullerton Beach is a great place for families to relax and enjoy the sand and sun after a visit to Chicago’s world class zoo.  Fullerton Beach is easily accessible via a pedestrian tunnel which is a straight shoot under Lake Shore Drive.  Located close to the tunnel are some great vendors offering delicious beach-eats, ice cream, and refreshments.

Ohio Street Beach

Another excellent family destination, the Ohio Street Beach is located right next to Chicago’s popular Navy Pier.  Though this beach is one of Chicago’s smallest, the Ohio Street Beach has a tendency to give visitors the feeling of being on their own private beach.  While there are no amenities located right on the beach, visitors to the Ohio Street beach need only head next door to Navy Pier to enjoy treats and fun aplenty.

Located conveniently on South Lake Shore Drive, the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel offers visitors to Chicago a chance to stay right in the heart of the city and a place from which to enjoy all the adventures that Chicago has to offer including her beautiful beaches.  Whether visiting for work or for pleasure, guests to the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel will enjoy the utmost of comfort while enjoying the most convenient of locations of any Chicago Hotel.  For more information on being our guest, please contact us.