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Chicago Blogs about Chicago Filming

Chicago is known for having major films shot here in Chicago. Over the years thousands of feature films, TV shows, commercials, and independent films have been shot here. The film industry loves Chicago for all that it has to offer in scenery. The diveristy here can provide any producer just what they need to get the job done. Filming in Chicago is done year round. At any time you can bump into some famous actors walking the streets of Chicago. Last year Johnny Depp spent a good amount of time here filming his Dillinger movie.

Below is a list produced by the Illinois film office of all the films shot here in Chicago in 2007. 2008 list hasn’t come out yet. Its amazing how long it is and its great to see what an impact Chicago has on this industry. Go to the Illinois Film Office web site and you’ll see all the listings as far back as the early 1900’s.

It just supports what I’ve been saying, in that Chicago is a great place to come visit! Hollywood sure thinks so!

2007 Chicago Films

“BAGGAGE” Backyard Productions Feature Film
“BIOGRAPHY: SERIAL KILLERS” Towers Productions Television Series
“THE BEAST” Canterbury Productions Television Pilot
“BIO REPACKS 2007” Towers Productions Television Special
“BUBBLERAMA” Backyard Productions Feature Film
“THE CACHE” Three Good Men Productions Feature Film
“CHICAGO OVERCOAT” Overcoat Productions, Feature Film
“CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD: MOB UNDERGROUND” Authentic Entertainment Television Series
“CS LIES” Towers Productions Documentary
“CNN 002” Towers Productions Television Special
“THE DARK KNIGHT” Warner Brothers Feature Film
“DESIGN ON A DIME” Circus Dog Productions Television Series
“EAGLE EYE” Dreamworks Productions Feature Film
“THE EASTER STORY IN STAINED GLASS WITH HYMS” Concert Hot Spots Television Special
“EBERT & ROPER” Buena Vista Productions Television Series
“ER” Warner Brothers Television Series
“ERIC CLAPTON’S CROSSROADS” Rhino Entertainment Television Special
“THE EXPRESS” Express Films Feature Film
“FAMILY PRACTICE” Sony Pictures Television Pilot
“THE FINAL REPORT” Towers Productions Television Special
“THE HORSEMEN” Horsemen Productions Feature Film
“HOT ROCKS” Mendota Lake Productions Feature Film
“INSIDE VIETNAM” Towers Productions Television Special
“THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW” Universal Television Series
“JUDGE MATHIS” Warner Brothers Television Series
“LET’S PLAY TWO: THE ERNIE BANKS STORY” Pan Pacific Media Documentary
“LEVERAGE” Leverage Productions Television Pilot
“THE LUCKY ONES” Return Productions Feature Film
“MEET THE BROWNS” Meet Productions Feature Film
“THE MERRY GENTLEMEN” Merry Gentlemen Productions Feature Film
“MY BOYS” Remote Broadcasting Television Series
“NGS 014” Towers Productions Television Special
“NOTRE DAME” Towers Productions Television Special
“OF BOYS AND MEN” Anointed Harvesters Feature Film
“THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW” HBO Films Television Series
“THE POKER HOUSE” Poker House Productions Feature Film
“PROTESTANT REFORMATION” Towers Productions Television Special
“ROCKSTAR” FBR Productions Television Special
“RUNAWAYS: CHICAGO” Towers Productions Television Series
“RUNAWAYS: JACKSONVILLE” Towers Productions Television Series
“RUNAWAYS: SAN FRANCISCO” Towers Productions Television Series
“SPORTS ACTION TEAM” Towers Productions Feature Film
“THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE” Avery Pictures Feature Film
“TOP CHEF 4” Magical Elves Television Series
“WANTED” Wanted Productions Feature Film
“WARWICK: I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER” Concert Hot Spots Television Special
“WERE THE WORLD MINE” Were The World Mine Productions Feature Film
“WITLESS PROTECTION” Witless Productions Feature Film