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Chicago Hotels

There are a lot of Chicago Hotels out there! I’ve stayed in many of our competitors hotels. Some of them you look out of the window of your room and all you see is a dark back alley or other windows of other guest rooms looking back at you. Then you have the big convention hotels where you can get lost. Or the hotels in the middle of the business district where if you step out after 7:00pm its like a ghost town???

I like hotels that are smaller. I like hotels that offer you something different. Some Chicago Hotels are beautifully restored masterpieces that look like your not suppose to touch! Or the hotels that are 4 stars or more that seem to say are you good enough to stay here? Or how about when you walk in the lobby your afraid to sit down? Or worse you might touch something and your sure it will break.

My hotel is different and no its not right downtown, no it doesn’t have the a doorman or ask you to take a second mortgage to stay overnight. My hotel is less than 75 feet from Lake Michigan. My hotel is in a neighborhood. My hotel is older and you can afford to stay there.

I think the people that stay in Chicago Hotels also make the hotel what it is. In my hotel you see families. Families from all over the world going to the Chicago Museums, or the Aquarium or even to see the new American Girl Store in Chicago. In my hotel you will not see marble counters and Louis the 14th chairs you will find comfortable sink in leather couches that kind of wrap you up and say relax and look out at the Lake and forget about everything.

McCormick Place Hotel

You will see a few scratches here and there maybe even a stain or two that we haven’t gotten to. But our beds are great, are views are fantastic. I’m getting fatter on our great food and were close to everything that you need to make your stay warm and friendly and not antiseptic or stodgy! More importantly were a lot more affordable so you can spend more on what matters those memories that are so important for your family.

Hope to see you here!