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Fewer Smoking Rooms Available Now

I just went upstairs and its like the whole housekeeping department is up scrubbing walls, shampooing carpets, replacing shades, cleaning wall paper, steam cleaning drapes! It’s like an army of people just working like a symphony to remove what ever remains from the smokers that inhabited those rooms!

It’s an exciting day here at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel! Were reducing our smoking rooms from about 48 down to 24 rooms and moving them from our main building to one of our other buildings! It has just gotten to the point that less and less smokers are staying here now. Which I think is great and I know our other guests will appreciate it.

I know this is a trend that has been building in our industry. I know some hotels are completly non-smoking but for us were not there yet. So the seperation of the smoking rooms to another building is going to improve our product and make everyone happy! So if your a smoker you can still come here and you want here anyone complain! And for you non-smokers come on by and enjoy our fresh smelling rooms and sheets!