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Harlem Globetrooters

Bring the family to Chicago’s United Center for a real Christmas treat as the Harlem Globetrotters play B-Ball December 28, and stay at the nearby and affordable Chicago Lake Shore Hotel!

The Harlem Globetrotters put the ion in ionic! The exhibition basketball team was founded in 1920! To this point, they have played 26,000 games in 122 countries and territories. Kids from generations on down have thrilled at this part-game, part-trick show, part-comical display of athleticism. Former kids will recall their signature song “Sweet Georgia Brown,” as whistled by Brother Bones.

The original Harlem Globetrotters came out of Chicago. They didn’t play in New York until the 60s! They took on the Minneapolis Lakers, an all-white NBA team, and beat them soundly. Their first “name” star was Goose Tatum, a consummate entertainer. Gradually, the NBA began drafting Harlem Globetrotter players. In 1952, the Harlem Globetrotters began to tour with a white basketball team, the Washington Generals coached by Red Klotz, which until 2015 played the foil for the Globetrotters’ antics and trick shots.

The United Center, “the house that Jordan built,” is located at 1901 West Madison Street in Chicago. For tickets, go online to venueartist/32882/806223?&brand=unitedcenter and follow the prompts.

Make your Harlem Globetrotters at the United Center experience more enjoyable by staying at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel, in historic Hyde Park. Chicago Lake Shore offers free shuttle bus service to and from the Loop area and is close to bus and train services. The Lake Shore Café offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. AND Jazz and seafood buffet (non-seafood items available) Friday nights.