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Honeymooners in Chicago

Last night a young couple walked over to the restaurant from the hotel. When they walked through the door I thought they were on an antarctic expedition. Now Chicago in the winter can get pretty darn cold but at 40 degrees were talking heat wave for us here in the midwest! I knew they weren’t from here so I asked the obvious question. They were from Brazil. Down in Brazil they bake in the sun everyday! So they were in shock. The poor kids, god forbid what they thought it like if we were at 10 degrees with a wind chill factor of -15 degrees?

They came on their honeymoon to Chicago! Actually this happens quite often here at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel. People in the southern hemisphere want to get away from the sun and experience a different climate. We welcome them here with open arms! After thawing them out and sitting them down in the restaurant they started telling me about all the sight seeing they have done. They went to Navy Pier for one day. Now I told them if they wanted to see Chicago they would have to pick up the pace. You could easily spend a whole day at many of our popular attraction here in Chicago. They went shopping on Michigan Ave, they went on a sight seeing bus and on Saturday they were going to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. They were having a great time and wanted to soak in everything Chicago had to offer.

Maybe I should return the favor and go to Brazil… better not, me in a speedo isn’t a pretty sight!