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Hotel Blog About Shopping In Chicago

We get many groups of ladies coming to Chicago here for a weekend together. Sometimes its 4-5 but it can get up to 15-20 ladies. Their fun to watch! Everyone’s planning what they want to do in Chicago. I have to say in most cases it turns out that all the ladies groups are the same! They want to do two things. Shop and drink! I guess they come to let their hair down. Once in a while they will come in just for a show.  Now if there here for “The Oprah Show” you wouldn’t believe how well their dressed just to sit in the audience!

At Christmas time we do get the shoppers though. Chicago has the greatest shops and you literally can “shop till you drop” here! We have a small shuttle that goes downtown and drops everyone off at Water Tower Place, a great place to begin your shopping quest!

Some of these ladies I wonder how they have room to sleep with all the bags they bring back to their rooms. I think they like the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel because of our reasonable rates and free parking which can save them up to $30.00 or more dollars a day. I believe theirs only two hotels in downtown Chicago that offers free parking. But I think the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel is the only one you want to stay at though.

There maybe another hotel but I would bet there adding it into the rate so your still paying.

If you want to do some great Christmas Shopping in Chicago come stay at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel we will make sure you have room for all the bags.