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Hotel Has A New Look!

It’s always great to get a new look a fresh face on a Chicago Hotel! We recently renovated our lobby and added a new exercise room, a board room and a business center! The lobby has never looked this good. We even gave our elevator a new look. But whats even better is we have begun doing over the hallways! In fact its going pretty fast. They painted all the doors and frames and even put up new wall paper. New Ceiling tile will be coming shortly and possibly new lighting.

This has improved our look dramatically and we hope our guests like it as well, I’m sure they will. Were keeping our fingers crossed and hopefully rooms will be next. Either way we’ve got a great property at a great price and apparently people are noticing! We even had a famous actor stay with us, they did an interview here for his next film! You never know who’s going to stay here at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel. Its great when the world beats a path to your door!

Come enjoy the Chicago Winter and see how warm it really is here!