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“It’s A Wonder Life” the Radio Play

Bring the entire family to see “It’s a Wonderful Life”: The Radio Play at American Blues Theatre through December 31, and stay at the nearby and affordable Chicago Lake Shore Hotel!

You know the classic Frank Capra film, of course, starring Jimmy Stewart, which is shown many times on television during the holiday season. American Blues Theatre in partnership with the Greenhouse Theater Center, has adapted the classic into a radio play set in the 30s, with sound effects, music and a cast of eight actors!

Plot of “It’s a Wonderful Life”: The Radio Play: George Baily, destitute, and with a family to care for, contemplates suicide as a way out. He meets an angel Clarence, who is trying to win his wings by saving George. Clarence takes George on a journey to the future, where George sees what happens to his family without him alive, and the town of Bedford Falls. George chooses to live, Clarence gets his wings, and everybody lives happily ever after.

“A must-see holiday show.” The Chicago Critic “Highly recommended!” WGN Radio

The Greenhouse Theater Center is located at 2257 North Lincoln Avenue. For tickets, go online to and follow the prompts.

Make your “It’s a Wonderful Life”: The Radio Play experience more enjoyable by staying at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel, in historic Hyde Park. Chicago Lake Shore offers free shuttle bus service to and from the Loop area and is close to bus and train services. The Lake Shore Café offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. AND Jazz and seafood buffet (non-seafood items available) Friday nights.