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Its Family Reunion Time In Chicago

You know you love them right! Families, you can’t live with them you can’t live without them! It has started, everyone is calling in trying to get their rooms reserved for their family reunion in Chicago. Were a very popular Chicago Family Reunion Hotel in case you didn’t know! Chicago seems to picking up this year as a destination and with all our attractions I can see why. The biggest problem facing family reunions right now is that if you haven’t contacted the Chicago Park District for a park permit your dates are probably gone. We’ve got alot of parks here in Chicago and summer “BBQ” is pretty popular here in Chicago, I can smell it now, I’m hungry now!

For those of you who missed the park options take a look at and you will see all the festivities going on the weekend that you plan to be here. Chicago always has some thing going on so don’t panic there are options. If your stuck give me a call and I will reccommend a few. Now someone pass me that turkey leg!