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How to Maximize your Stay at a Chicago Hotel near Lake Michigan

Chicago is a city made up of many different and distinct neighborhoods, each of which has something special to offer those living or visiting them. From Lincoln Park and Wrigley Ville to downtown and The Loop, every part of The Windy City has a very different feel. While slightly biased, those of us who work at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel firmly believe that you simply cannot beat having access to beautiful Lake Michigan. Easy access to this jewel of the Midwest and one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes is just one of the many wonderful things that Chicago has going for it. By staying at a Chicago hotel near Lake Michigan, your potential to enjoy this body of water just grew exponentially. Read on if you need ideas on how to best maximize your time on or near the water.

Spend a Day on the Beach

When people think of American cities with great beach access, Chicago is not the first to come to mind. However, after one afternoon basking in the sun on Lake Michigan, your thoughts may change. Lake Shore Drive is dotted with beaches for all types of people, and it won’t be long before you find your favorite. Fullerton Beach is the place to go for some volleyball or to tie into a day at the Lincoln Park Zoo. North Avenue Beach draws in a great blend of people from all walks of life. Oak Street Beach is the place to see and be seen, given how close it is to Michigan Avenue and a more well off part of town. You simply can’t go wrong, no matter where you choose to lounge in the sun on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan.

Enjoy a Sunset or Dinner Cruise

If you would prefer to get out on Lake Michigan on a grander scale than a standup paddleboard, consider booking a sunset or dinner cruise on any number of the sightseeing or luxury-oriented vessels docked on Chicago’s shore. The service and comfort on many of the city’s boats is unmatched and the views provided are out of this world. The iconic Chicago skyline is an excellent backdrop and, as the sun slowly dips behind it, you are sure to catch a one-of-a-kind sunset every time. This helps make for the perfect first, second, third, or thousandth date or just a wonderful night out doing something different in The Windy City.

Get out on the Water on your Own Terms

You would be remiss to be staying at a Chicago hotel near Lake Michigan and not make an effort to get out on the water. There are outfitters up and down the coast that can get you sorted with whatever mode of transport will get you most excited to enjoy the water. From SUPs to jet skis and all boats in between, our staff at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel can help line you up with an outfitter that will get you out on the water in a way that best suits your interests.

There are countless things to do and ways to occupy your time when you visit Chicago but, here at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel, we all agree that spending some quality time on Lake Michigan is an absolute must. Be sure to check in with our hotel staff upon arrival for even more recommendations on how to best take advantage of your Chicago hotel near Lake Michigan.