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Mythbusters Stage Show

Who you gonna call? Myth busters! Bring the family to see the Mythbusters Behind the Myths live stage show at the Cadillac Palace Theatre December 6 and stay at the nearby and affordable Chicago Lake Shore Hotel!

Those loveable scamps of myth busting, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, host one of the most popular cable shows on the Discovery Channel. They rig Rube Goldberg contraptions and blow up things to explore the truths behind cherished myths. Their free spirits and cheerfulness are what makes the show so appealing.

The Mythbusters Behind the Myths live show will be an interaction experience, as random audience members come onstage and assist in the controlled chaos. There will be video and lots of behind the scenes stories. Parents are advised that, while the show is family appropriate, it is two hours long without an intermission.

Jaimie Hyneman is the engineer whiz of the team. Mythbusters is shot at M5 Industries, Hyneman’s private consulting firm for research and development projects. He is the holder of several patents. Adam Savage comes from the New York City art scene. He has worked as a set designer, art director, producer, and prop master.

The Cadillac Palace Theatre is located at 151 West Randolph in Chicago. For tickets, go to

Make your Mythbusters live show experience more enjoyable by staying at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel, in Hyde Park. Chicago Lake Shore offers free shuttle bus service to and from the Loop area and is close to bus and train services. The Lake Shore Café offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. AND Jazz, Friday nights.