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We are Not Just A Chicago Hotel Anymore!

I’m sure many of you are watching with interest everything about the upcoming election. An interesting fact is that Mr Obama has been seen on commercials and an article in the “New Yorker” magazine has him pointing to the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel and or mentioning that this is where it all started. Where he announced his campaign for the Senate position he now holds. You see Mr Obama is from the Hyde Park neighborhood. In fact he just lives a few blocks away from the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel.

Everyone seems to be interested in Mr Obama and we’ve been getting busier as the campaign goes on. We even have a film crew here from the Netherlands covering him in detail in the final weeks of the campaign.  So the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel is becoming the place to be in Chicago! If he’s elected maybe we will have something like those Hollywood tours of the stars homes? It could drive by his house, and maybe Oprah’s pad on Lake Shore Drive etc.

Who knows what’s going to happen, either way the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel’s a great place to sit in our new lobby, sink down in our comfortable chairs and watch the show go by. Because at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel lately, you see the whole worlds, coming to visit!

When you come, ask Angie at the front desk, she will give you directions to drive by Mr Obama’s house or how to get to the election night celebration!