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Our Hotel Blog is Different!

As hotel blogs go, were one of he newest on the block shall we say. We were anxious to get our Hotel Blog off the ground and for the quickness of it went with a WordPress simple layout. Now we are in the process of upgrading to a new look shortly and I think it will definitely show off our blog and our hotel! Our critics were quick to judge. But for being a privately owned hotel and having a very limited budget and a very small staff I’m proud of what we’ve written so far and the response has been great! Though our critics also pointed out that we were shamelessly promoting our hotel, well what do you think they are doing but promoting their services to make money!

So our Hotel Blog will continue promoting ourselves, Chicago, and our guests who stay with us! On the average over 8000 people stay with us every month and from all walks of life, and every corner of the world. With that many people from that many locations, there are thousands of stories to be told.

People come to Chicago not because of our hotel but what surrounds us. So as Chicago Blogs go I think I’m a little different and as I’ve said earlier I think its good to be different. So people come to our Hotel Blog, come to our hotel and show us your difference!

Look forward to seeing you at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel!