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President’s Recovery Package

From the Office of the President

Chicago, Hyde Park….Never before has this generation been faced with the economic realities of these troubled times. Facing increased stress on the families of this nation by more job lay-offs, businesses closing and house foreclosures, we have decided to create an additional “Recovery Package.”

This package will be all encompassing where previous packages have failed. In fact it could be considered an improvement on the “New Deal.”

Where President Elect Obama announced his political career comes the “Presidential Recovery Package” Our citizens have a need for greater relaxation and added stimulus.

The Chicago Lake Shore Hotel will offer a one night package to include an overnight stay in a Lakefront City view room, a pizza from President Elect’s favorite pizza place “Italian Fiesta Pizza,” an additional stimulus of two free drink coupons, breakfast for two, and a map of Hyde Park featuring President Elect Obama’s Favorite Places in his home town. Such as The Museum of Science & Industry, University of Chicago, 57th Street Book Store and the president elect’s favorite barbershop Hyde

Park Hair Salon and many other spots.

To take partake of this package you can book it online at our website. This recovery package is based on two people and begins at $149.00 plus applicable taxes.

This package is expected to sell out and is being offered to the entire nation but has limited availability. Citizens are being asked to act responsibly by allowing equal opportunity for all.

For additional enquiries the president’s press secretary can be reached at