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Shedd Aquarium Jellies Exhibit

The Shedd Aquarium located just minutes from the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel has a great new exhibit showcasing pulsing, translucent sea jellies and their mystifying natural history. Jellies will immerse guests in an underwater world of rarely seen animals that survive—and thrive—without bones, blood, or brains. From beautiful and translucent moon jellies, to unique and fascinating upside-down jellies, to a variety of intriguing and eerie sea nettles, guests will encounter more than 10 species of jellies throughout the new temporary special exhibit.

In Jellies, guests “dive” into the deep and complicated world of sea jellies, learning how their simple bodies have allowed them to survive for millions of years. Among the educational experiences, guests will learn how a jelly can devour enough food to double its weight each day, and understand how sea nettles hunt by trailing their long tentacles and frilly feeding arms covered with stinging cells that paralyze prey upon contact. The exhibit also includes a lifecycle exhibit, combining video and actual jellies in various stages of their lifecycle. Guests will even learn about the anatomy of jellies through illuminated features focusing on the most vital organs of their simple bodies.

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