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Things to do at Lake Michigan: Chicago’s Best Beaches

Chicago hosts thousands of tourists each year, each one visiting for his or her own unique reason. The Windy City attracts sports fans, foodies, shoppers, museumgoers, music fans, and general tourists looking to experience one of the most exciting and bustling cities in America. And Chicago is just that. With so much to offer both visitors and locals alike, one could spend an entire life in Chicago and only scratch the surface of all the fun that can be had here. Sporting events, restaurants, stores, museums, and concerts often steal the show and bring people in to the city, but Chicago’s beaches are also well worth exploring. Not many people realize that the city boasts 26 miles of shoreline on Lake Michigan and many beautiful beaches to enjoy it from. Each beach has something unique going for it and all boast some of the best things to do at Lake Michigan. While staying at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel, you have unbridled access to many of the city’s beaches and all of the fun things to do at Lake Michigan. Read on to learn more about three of our favorites.

Leone and Loyola Beaches

These beaches, located in Rogers Park, provide a great alternative to the busier urban beaches located closer to downtown. As the name may indicate, these beaches are located near Loyola University. Not only will you find college students looking to relax, but Leone and Loyola Beaches are also great for families. With a fishing pier, playgrounds, and ample green space both beaches boast something for everyone.

Montrose Beach

Montrose Beach, located Uptown, is one of the most popular beaches in the city – and for great reason. Beach goers looking for fun things to do at Lake Michigan can find it all at Montrose. From Jet Ski and kayak rentals to an 8-acre natural habitat in a sand dune ecosystem to Chicago’s first off-leash dog beach, Montrose Beach is the place to be. The area is also home to a great variety of eateries and watering holes to help cap off your beach day in proper fashion.

North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach is in Lincoln Park and is a hub for young professionals looking to get out and enjoy the sun, participate in classic Lake Michigan activities, or party the night away at a few local favorite bars. The beach is littered with many different vendors and also a couple bars boasting high-energy nightlife. If you’re looking to get out and enjoy the lake, North Avenue Beach is the perfect place to go wakeboarding, paddleboarding, kayaking, play volleyball or just go for a swim.

There are countless things to do at Lake Michigan, but here at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel we recommend that at the very least all of our guests plan on spending at least some time on the shores of Lake Michigan. With 26 miles of coastline, you are sure to find a beach of your liking and create one of your most memorable days in The Windy City.