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What to do in Chicago in the Winter!

The cold breeze is starting to whip its way across Lake Michigan and into our faces here in Chicago. But, don’t let that stop you from coming to Chicago! There is and endless stream of activities to do in Chicago all winter long. Yes please bring a warm overcoat but you won’t need it that long as there are places that you can spend the whole day and still not see everything. Pick a museum…we have a few to choose from, Museum of Science and Industry, Field Museum are usually the top favorites. But, I also like the Art Institute off of Michigan Ave. They even have a special collection of guns and armor that is intricately carved and designed beyond your imagination. They have art like you have never seen it before.

Of course you could spend a good part of your day at Navy Pier. There are so many shops and restaurants and more fun a great place to people watch. Don’t forget the Childrens’ Museum and the Omnimax Theater or the gigantic ferry’s wheel that’s like 10 stories high!

You could also take an elevator ride for something like 100 stories and make your ears pop and see the fantastic views from either the Sears Tower or the John Hancock Building.

Where to Stay in Chicago?

There was a great family that came back after spending the day at the Shedd Aquarium, the kids went on and on and on about what they saw and what they learned. It was great, they will always remember this trip. Whats also really great is that you can have a great get away here in Chicago and it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg! Don’t let the upcoming cold weather stop you from coming here, we’ve got some warm hearts on our staff that will warm you up!