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We are Not Just A Chicago Hotel Anymore!

We are Not Just A Chicago Hotel Anymore!

I’m sure many of you are watching with interest everything about the upcoming election. An interesting fact is that Mr Obama has been seen on commercials and an article in the “New Yorker” magazine has him pointing to the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel and or mentioning that this is where it all started. Where he announced […]

Chicago Blog Blogs About Food!

Chicago’s known for great food! For us here in Chicago, food is an experience and here in Chicago you can have a lot of experiences. We have some of the greatest high end/ 4-5 star restaurants here in Chicago. But that’s not people coming to Chicago on the most part come for. Chicago Catering They […]

Chicago Hotels

There are a lot of Chicago Hotels out there! I’ve stayed in many of our competitors hotels. Some of them you look out of the window of your room and all you see is a dark back alley or other windows of other guest rooms looking back at you. Then you have the big convention […]

What to do in Chicago in the Winter!

The cold breeze is starting to whip its way across Lake Michigan and into our faces here in Chicago. But, don’t let that stop you from coming to Chicago! There is and endless stream of activities to do in Chicago all winter long. Yes please bring a warm overcoat but you won’t need it that […]

Chicago Lake Shore Hotel Customers

They come from all over the world. In fact on a daily basis I am emailing to China, England, South America or even South Korea. Of course many people come for a convention but quite a few are just families staying with us for their vacation. We recently had a group from Russia and were […]

Bicycling In Chicago

Cycling in Hyde Park Very often we see people coming to our hotel with their bicycles attached to their vehicles. They have come to the right place! Were bicycle central sometimes. One of the many reasons people stay with us is that we are right on Lake Shore Drive and we overlook Lake Michigan! On […]