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I guess our warm hearted staff melted that coldness away!

Chicago Attractions Blog

Everyday when I go to work, I’m amazed by the view that we have in front of our hotel. We look out across Lake Shore Drive and behold one of the “Great Lakes”, Lake Michigan presents itself in all its grandeur. Many of our guests that arrive here from around the world always say the […]

Chicago Easter Brunch In Hyde Park

As Chicago Easter brunches go there’s quite a few to choose from. I hear all the time about the special brunches at some of the upscale hotels in downtown Chicago. They really are great with their beautiful ice sculptures, and high end foods and decor. But that’s not us here at the Chicago Lake Shore […]

Chicago Blog on Museums

As a kid in Chicago some of my best memories were from when I was taken to the Chicago museums. Particularly the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago’s Hyde Park. It’s an amazing place and it still brings out the kid in me. You still learn so much there! There is so much to […]

Chicago Blogs about Chicago Filming

Chicago is known for having major films shot here in Chicago. Over the years thousands of feature films, TV shows, commercials, and independent films have been shot here. The film industry loves Chicago for all that it has to offer in scenery. The diveristy here can provide any producer just what they need to get […]

President’s Recovery Package

From the Office of the President Chicago, Hyde Park….Never before has this generation been faced with the economic realities of these troubled times. Facing increased stress on the families of this nation by more job lay-offs, businesses closing and house foreclosures, we have decided to create an additional “Recovery Package.” This package will be all […]

Chicago Hotel Blogs About Itself Again!

Well 2008 is ending today and its been a great year here at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel! To recap some of the things we have done at this great Chicago Hotel are… We just completed a major overhaul of our lobby and added an exercise room that looks out over Lake Michigan and Lake […]

Hotel Has A New Look!

It’s always great to get a new look a fresh face on a Chicago Hotel! We recently renovated our lobby and added a new exercise room, a board room and a business center! The lobby has never looked this good. We even gave our elevator a new look. But whats even better is we have […]

Honeymooners in Chicago

Last night a young couple walked over to the restaurant from the hotel. When they walked through the door I thought they were on an antarctic expedition. Now Chicago in the winter can get pretty darn cold but at 40 degrees were talking heat wave for us here in the midwest! I knew they weren’t […]

Chicago A Town With A Big Heart

The University of Chicago Hospital is well known world wide as a pioneer in medical treatments and medical trials for new procedures. People come from all over the world to seek treatment here from some of the best doctors in the world in their respective fields. The Chicago Lake Shore Hotel is the only hotel located […]

Hotel Blog About Shopping In Chicago

We get many groups of ladies coming to Chicago here for a weekend together. Sometimes its 4-5 but it can get up to 15-20 ladies. Their fun to watch! Everyone’s planning what they want to do in Chicago. I have to say in most cases it turns out that all the ladies groups are the […]

Fewer Smoking Rooms Available Now

I just went upstairs and its like the whole housekeeping department is up scrubbing walls, shampooing carpets, replacing shades, cleaning wall paper, steam cleaning drapes! It’s like an army of people just working like a symphony to remove what ever remains from the smokers that inhabited those rooms! It’s an exciting day here at the […]